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AntiFA fest 21 in 22 april (AKC Metelkova Mesto)

Under pretense of austerity measures and desire to limit the number of migrants in the country, politics of current Slovenian government are bringing separation and hate into society. Barbed-wire fence on the southern border, introduction of quotas for migrants, new laws about migration and pushing migrants out of the country altogether created an atmosphere, in which increasing number of actions by Neo-Nazi sympathizers are merely the street face of such politics. 

Last year alone, Neo-Nazis carried out three bigger assaults on autonomous spaces (on Sokolski dom in Novo mesto for collecting food and clothes for migrants, on Rog Factory in Ljubljana, while it was defended from eviction, and on Autonomous cultural zone Metelkova mesto). Similar attacks happened in the past as well. Autonomous and other open spaces represent the symbol of free creativity, fighting for radical equality and stand against all forms of oppression.

The question all of us should therefore ask ourselves is: are we going to tolerate bigotry in graffitis and stickers? Will we tolerate verbal and even physical assaults? By attending our antifascist festival and our work on and around it, we want to show that different worlds and different politics with the messages of anti-fascism, freedom, solidarity and openness are possible. If you want to say a clear NO Neo-fascism, nationalism, racism and hatred, join us on 21. and 22. of April 2017 in Metelkova, Ljubljana and be a part of our ANTIFA FEST! 


+++WEDNESDAY - 19.4.2017+++

- 20:30 Exhibition - History of AntiFa fest (Jalla jalla)

+++FRIDAY - 21.4.2017+++

- 15:00 Food not Bombs (in front of Jalla Jalla)

- 15:00 Alternative fair: distributions // crafts-produce // graffiti workshops // dress-making workshops //screen printing // board games (Metelkova courtyard) 

If you want to sign-up for the distro table, write to zadruga.urbana@riseup.net

- 18:00 Info-kafana: Presentation of antifascist struggles in Greece and discussion (A-Infoshop)

- 19:30 Zborke: Feminist choir


- 20:00 CONCERT – RAP NIGHT! (In front of Jalla Jalla; in case of rain in Gromka)